This week Brian speaks with Andrew Nagle of Glammly ! Glammly  is a subscription marketplace for beauty and wellness appointments, helping consumers save up to 40% on their monthly beauty appointments. Hear about how this great company was brought together by another amazing entrepreneur! Be sure to tune in for more learning and epic stories!

For more information, visit: or contact: and follow them on social media @glammly

Favorite Moments:

1:36 – Andrew explains what Glammly is and how does it work?

8:06 – Building resilience: Andrew unveils Glammly’s intriguing and challenging entrepreneurial journey!

18:23 – When things finally seem to work out for Glammly, an otherwise exciting and happy event throws more curveballs.

29:54 – After overcoming all the initial trials and tribulations, Glammly is finally on the fastest path to success.

35:00 – Andrew shares how Glammly has successfully adapted to the coronavirus crisis and its exciting future goals!