This week Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Debbie Holzkamp, CEO of Virtanza!

Virtanza is the only real-world sales educational platform in universities directly connected to employers. She has three decades of experience managing sales teams with Fortune 500 and national companies to achieve more than $1 billion in sales. She created a successful business consulting firm, sales-certified more than 2,000 adults at Fortune 500 and national companies. She is the author of Virtanza: The Art and Science of Successful Selling for Business-to-Business Sales Professionals and is creator of the 4-step Virtanza Sales Process.

Virtanza, the only scalable sales training platform, and program in the university system for adult learners and college students, and directly linked to employers. Virtanza provides technology-sales engineered, virtual classroom-style, sales certificate programs to colleges, employers, and workforce development offices, to build the bridge between people seeking income security and employers in need of qualified, sales candidates.

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Favorite moments:

02:19 – Debbie tells Brian why she started Virtanza.

03:39 – Debbie hires a whole team of people from sales consultants to businessmen to create Virtanza’s extensive learning curriculum.

06:47 – Debbie shares how she had achieved major roadblocks such as approvals, accreditation, platforms, and funding.

15:44 – Virtanza utilizes the use of technology to their benefit.

18:23 – Debbie talks about the future of Virtanza – reaching out more employers, community colleges, universities and helping more people learn through online learning, theory application, and workforce development.

Virtanza’s Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @virtanza | Facebook: @virtanza | LinkedIn: @Virtanza Career Pathways Company | Twitter: @virtanzas2j