This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Kelvin Franklin of Broadbridge Networks!  Hear about what this company is doing with AI!

Broadbridge Networks is Combining artificial intelligence & data science with advanced visualization techniques to accelerate time to decision.

GPU ARCHITECTURE Built on the Nvidia EGX Server Platform, LegionTM scales on modern networks to support 100Gbit and beyond.

BEST IN CLASS Ai An end to end data pipeline sharing a common memory framework means inline inference and analytics to enrich network data and improve decision support.

REAL-TIME ANALYTICS Analyst WorkbenchTM, BBN’s enterprise dashboard, provides real time, cross filtered analytics at the speed of thought.

KEY PARTNERSHIPS BroadBridge Networks partners with dominant players throughout the cyber-security industry to insure all elements of your security infrastructure integrate at scale.

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Favorite moments:

02:56 – Kelvin tells Brian what BroadBridge Networks is all about and it’s importance in the tech industry and in cyber-security

08:43 – BroadBridge Networks focuses on giving universities scalable solutions that have a user-friendly interface while making sure that their data is secured

15:20 – Kelvin recalls what inspired him to start Broadbridge Networks

21:00 – What’s next for BroadBridge Networks? Delivering the promise of top quality data security to their customers and starting to solve other problems using the same platform

25:35 – Kelvin excitedly shares their human-first interface technology and the great feedback they get, and the massive possibilities of their product