When Duncan and Eddie walked in the door of Expert DOJO I saw the potential for a product which the world sorely needs.  Their dream at the time was a special container for vegetable, which remarkably keeps them fresh for 4-6 days. This would solve the worlds biggest food waste problem – we throw out 30% of all the vegetables we buy and that adds up to 40 billion dolars of waste a year.  The problem is even bigger when you look at increasing obesity rates and a danger level increase in diabetes.  Enter the Veggidome, a cookie jar for the kitchen table, which keeps vegtables fresher than the fridge for longer.

The plan to start a crowdfunding campaign was an easy one but the logisitcs, platform and strategy was not.  Neither founder had been in this industry for long so their social influence was small, the veggidome was relatively new as a product and the vegan and vegatarian marketplace was not hat easy to enter.  What they did in the next 3 months though will blow your mind and help you build your roadmap to success,