Over the years, Expert Dojo has invested in hundreds of startups. Some of these companies have achieved extraordinary results and are now making serious waves in their markets. Many of them have been through the Dojo program and now have received, or about to receive, their $1M follow-up investments. Others are joining the Dojo at later stages, with similar or even greater levels of commitment from the Dojo Growth Stage Fund. No matter the industry, what is common between all of these exceptional companies is their potential to innovate, disrupt, and to take their respective industries to the next level.

The Dojo Club is a gathering of accomplished extraordinary founders and business leaders with deep expertise in their respective areas, who would like to make their mark in the world while participating in some of the most exciting opportunities in the venture space today. These companies are looking to get to their own next level.

Expert Dojo’s discounted follow-up rounds are now open to Dojo Club members. If you are an experienced leader with a track record in your field, we would like to meet you.

Since its founding about 10 years ago, Expert Dojo has thrived not only because of its startups and investors, but also because of the Dojo community. The Dojo Club is part of it, but the Club is much more than an occasional gathering – it is a process that the Dojo has put in place to ensure that the impact is real.

We look forward to meeting you.