The Dove Network


Douglas Schwartz graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in banking and finance. Upon graduating, he gained 5 years of experience in finance, stocks, and bonds as a Trader. With his spare time, Douglas dedicated his time to learning about technology. While working as a trader, Douglas dreamed of making the next “big app”. His inspiration came from a trip to China, where he studied and learned about technology for 3 weeks.

Bitcoin really sparked an interest in Douglas, which triggered him to learning about blockchain. He found it very difficult to learn because not until recently did blockchain and bitcoin become popularized. Years later, Douglas withdrew from the finance industry, to pursue and fully dedicate his time to creating the Dove Network.

While working on the Dove Network, Douglas and his colleagues traveled to exotic destinations, and has seen the “rich of the rich and the poor of the poor”. Some of the locations that inspired him were India, Moscow, Dubai, and the Arctic Circle. He expressed that “if it wasn’t for my experience abroad, seeing that the 5% of the United States is not what the other 95% are, I wouldn’t have seen the opportunity for the Dove Network”.

When Douglas first started the Dove Network, he hired many Indian engineers, but there was a huge communication barrier, which affected work productivity. To combat this issue, he traveled to India to submerge himself in their country, to better understand their language, culture, and work ethic.

While traveling around, Douglas had a realization that many parts of the world are still without internet. With his knowledge in finance, trials in technology, and understandings gained abroad, Douglas determined his life into creating the Dove Network. Dove Network seeks to bring affordable internet access to the world by allowing peers to trade their unused data capacity. “This is all possible with Blockchain technology and mesh networks. Dove’s blockchain powered application uses a peer-to-peer network to allow people and Wi-Fi enabled devices to seamlessly trade unused data capacity anonymously and automatically”.

Recently, Expert Dojo ( held an Investor Festival, where the Dove Network interacted with many investors. Within the interview we conducted, Douglas stated that with the help of the Investor Festival, he has had a few follow up meetings, as well as some possible leads for investors. Also, Douglas aspires to find investors that will help his venture grow while providing many guidelines on succeeding.

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