This week Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Gaston Maluendez and Christian Hentschel.

In this episode, Brian, Gaston and Christian talk about sports, TradeStars’ genesis, facing COVID-19, and most importantly, their vision and how quickly TradeStars is going to reach a unicorn stage.

“I believe we are going to be the first platform in the world that is built with blockchain technology but uses blockchain technology as an underlying technology” , says co-founder, Gaston Maluendez.

Few words from TradeStars:

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Stock Market where users can invest real money into their favorite athletes. “We are creating the NASDAQ of Sports!” In TradeStars, users can invest money into stocks that fluctuate in the function of how well the athlete performs in real life. If you invest in athletes that perform well, the price of their stock will increase and you will make a real profit! “We are an exclusive stock exchange for professional athletes. Users can now invest in their passion and make a real profit out of it!”

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Top 5 Favorite Moments:

7:07 Christian Hentschel saw the huge potential in investing in your favorite sports using blockchain technology to leverage yourself among other traders.

8:40 Tradestars is a borderless platform where you can invest with your favorite sport and transact with anyone, anywhere, and anytime you choose by using secured blockchain technology.

18:17 Growing pains: Tradestars faced a lot of challenges from funding, marketing, technology, having to explain to investors & people what they are trying to do + facing COVID-19.

31:52 Tradestars plans to reach 1M users in the next 10 months and also raise $1M in revenue!

38:33 Gaston & Christian shares why YOU should invest in Tradestars and how to contact them.

Additional Information: – Gaston Maluendez – Christian Hentschel – TradeStars website