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London & Partners Session with Expert Dojo

June 2, 2023 @ 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm

London & Partners Session with Expert Dojo

Event Information

This event is not open to the public. It is an invite only opportunity to meet with 17 exceptional companies who are coming from the United Kingdom with the hope to understand & expand into the United States. Expert DOJO in collaboration with London & Partners is once again hosting our monthly Ask An Investor session with respectable advisors. Come and join us!

  • 3:30PM – 5PM  at Expert DOJO – 395 Santa Monica Pl #308, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • 5PM – 7PM  at Lanea Cocktail Bar – 217 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

PART 1: The Investor Panel / “Ask me anything”

This session will convene 5-10 investors from Southern California. A panel discussion, moderated by Brian Mac Mahon, will cover topics such as the funding landscape in Southern California and how the industry is changing given the changes in the global economy.

PART 2: Networking with Subject Matter Experts in SoCal

Immediately following the investor panel, the London companies will have the opportunity to mingle with experts in branding, marketing , PR and other service providers and mentors who can support in business set up in the US.


London companies arrive and welcomed by Expert Dojo, networking.

Investor panel discussion, moderated by Brian Mac Mahon. Brian to kick off by introducing Expert Dojo.

“Ask me anything” – London companies Q&A with investors.

Networking begins, Subject Matter Experts join.


London companies to join (15 out of these 20 companies will be selected):

1.       Arcade is an immersive experience agency. Using Augmented Reality (including WebAR), Arcade’s core mission is to connect people to place through play. Arcade specializes in creating award-winning augmented reality content for some of the world’s largest, multinational companies like Disney, Unilever, and PepsiCo to name a few. https://arcade.ltd/

2.       Brompton Technology is a manufacturer of LED video processing for live events, television, film and the built environment. Their products are used for events ranging from the Academy Awards to tours by acts such as U2 and Ed Sheeran and some of the most high profile movies and episodic dramas of recent years. www.bromptontech.com 

3.       Charisma.ai powers Digital Humans for entertainment, education and Metaverses. Charisma’s unique AI enables character-driven experiences that immerse audiences in new levels of storytelling and engagement. https://www.charisma.ai/ 

4.       Cube Studio is a virtual production studio, providing a full-service solution for advertising agencies, production houses, enterprise businesses and film and TV. Cube’s premium facility combines the latest LED technology, game engines, camera-tracking and graphic servers to provide a versatile platform for to create your reality. www.cube.studio 

5.       Dojo Films is a video production and creative agency.  Dojo Films use a global network of tried and trusted creative suppliers to service global brand with multi-regional content demands.  Their creative and post-production services are in-house and based in London. www.dojofilms.co.uk

6.       Emperia creates immersive virtual spaces.  The company can help create  omnichannel efforts, for example creating a metaverse retail store, and enable customer engagement with 3D technologies. www.emperiavr.com 

7.       Experience12 is an award-winning pop culture brand experience agency. Experience12 creates events and experiences for some of the biggest entertainment brands on the planet. www.experience12.com  

8.       FAR develops intelligent augmented reality software that can display and deliver useful information and content on existing mobile devices worldwide. www.f-ar.co 

9.       Glassworks is an award-winning creative studio with locations in London, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. For more than 25 years, they have developed visual content for all platforms through creative services such as concept development, live-action production, visual effects, CGI, compositing, design, 2D and 3D animation, colour grading, premium finishing, and emerging technologies including VR, AR, and immersive experiences. www.glassworksvfx.com  

10.    Immersive International is a boutique master planning and innovation studio that combines design, art, and emerging technology to harness the transformative power of human connection and collaboration. As Experience Architects, Creative Technologists and Spatial Storytellers, they have spent the last two decades realising some of the world’s most challenging creative projects. https://immersive.international  

11.    LIVR is a fully integrated platform that controls every stage of the XR (extended reality) process. From content creation, capture and postproduction; through systems and technical development to end-user distribution – LIVR offers a turnkey solution for brands, creators and end-users. www.livrstudios.com  

12.    Lumirithmic is led by Professor Abhijeet Ghosh (co-inventor of OSCAR winning LightStage and part of Imperial College London based Deep Tech), who has now invented a desktop and a single phone-based hyper-real relightable 3D facial and skin scanning/animation solution.  Applications are across skincare, gaming, ad-tech, defence and the metaverse.  The company has clients and traction from firms including UNITY, Epic Games, L’Oreal, Adobe, Activision, Microsoft, DNEG etc. www.lumirithmic.com 

13.    Metaphysic is an industry leader in developing AI technologies and machine learning research to create immersive photorealistic content at internet scale. Recently named the official generative AI partner for Miramax’s forthcoming feature film “Here” and a strategic partner of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Metaphysic’s cutting-edge proprietary technology has quickly positioned the company as an “in demand” partner for the biggest names in Hollywood. Metaphysic’s team of machine learning researchers and generative AI pioneers are focused on an ethical web3 economy where any person can own and control their biometric data while unlocking the future of creativity.  http://metaphysic.a  

14.    NuVa Enterprises is the next generation in virtual meetings & hybrid working. NuVA has developed and sells virtual meeting software excellent for those working on complex projects.  The award winning NuVa virtual meeting software has been specifically designed to emulate a ‘real life’ meeting.  Engaging all your senses, NuVa provides a far richer collaborative and visual virtual meeting, from anywhere globally, making it ideal for any team wishing to work on complex projects remotely, reducing carbon emissions along the way. www.nuvaenterprises.com 

15.    OnePlan is a multi-award-winning company that provides state-of-the-art software for organisers of events, major games and venues.  Its collaborative 2D and 3D digital twin platforms radically improve site planning, operations and commercialising venues, creating huge efficiencies and sustainability benefits for its customers. www.oneplanevents.com

16.    Otherworld transports thousands of people every week from city centre locations to a luxury virtual resort. Visit with friends and step into the future: enjoy the greatest experiences VR has to offer, spanning entertainment, arts and gaming.  www.other.world 

17.    Target3D is a technology company who consult, design, supply and deliver cutting edge technologies into the UK marketplace. Target 3D involves providing Motion Capture, 3D and Virtual Production technologies for many sectors and industries, including projects from the film, TV, and entertainment industries. https://www.target3d.co.uk/ 

18.    Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking and mid-air haptic technologies allows engagement with the digital world in a more natural way. From enhancing 2D screens to fully immersive AR, VR or 3D experiences, Ultraleap removes the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. http://www.ultraleap.com/ 

19.    Unhurd is a music-tech platform using AI to turn music & social data into impactful promotional campaigns for artists and labels, creating an ecosystem where artists can create, analyse and promote in one space. In just 2 years, Unhurd has worked with some of the biggest artists and influential record labels in the world, alongside partnering with over 25,000 emerging artists to develop and grow their audiences, communities and careers. https://www.unhurd.co.uk/

20.    Virtex brings the unique experience of live events to fans at home anywhere in the world. Virtex uses 3D technology (such as Unreal Engine 5) and build virtual worlds fully dedicated to fans of esports/ sports. A key feature is the virtual stadium where Virtex can recreate live action in full 3D using live motion/ game data, creating a new immersive and interactive experience. https://www.virtexstadium.com/


June 2, 2023
3:30 pm - 7:00 pm