Expert Dojo’s Startup Spotlight – Tersa


One of our latest members of Expert Dojo’s ( startup accelerator is Tersa, founded by Ray Kelly. Ray has been a physical therapist for the last 15 years. He has also been a national soccer player for Australia and has played in the Irish premier league before he had multiple career-ending injuries.


Ray Kelly’s inspiration for “Tersa” came from multiple life-changing experiences. Before the age of 18, Ray endured three knee surgeries, which later moved him into practicing physical therapy and coaching strength and conditioning. His dedication was in helping patients through pain reduction, thus creating Tersa with his personal and 15 years of injury rehab, health, and wellness experience.


Tersa is a worldwide patented physical therapy training system, designed to solve the world’s most common pain and injuries. On average, our nation checks their phones 8 billion times a day, leading to an epidemic of pain and injuries. These discomforts later become major injuries and are direct results from digital technology. Tersa is a system that sells equipment, education, and mobile content to fitness and medical companies into resolving these injuries.


Ray Kelly has created a tool that actively breaks down muscle tension while realigning the body at the same time. Tersa has major support from leading surgeons, physical therapists, coaches, and athletes.


“Tersa” definition in Latin is to clean, be neat, and tidy, which is the company’s philosophy. Mr. Kelly explains that in order to stop the pain, an individual needs to treat it on a daily basis. Ray Kelly makes a comparison to his physical treatment to an individual’s daily hygiene regimen. He believes that in order to obtain results, a patient needs to practice every day, just as they would practice their daily oral hygiene regimen.


Not only does Tersa solve patients injuries; it also reduces the labor-intensive work for the physical therapists. Mr. Kelly expressed that his hands have been destroyed by working as a physical therapist for 15 years. Therefore, the Tersa tool and system provides the patient with instructions on how to use the tool on themselves, which creates a win-win solution for both the practitioner and the patients. Tersa is user-friendly and provides accessibility for patients to perform movement on occasions when physical therapists are not on sight. By quarter 1, Tersa plans on launching to businesses, with scalability to consumers in the near future.


Ray Kelly is currently looking for the perfect investor with a similar vision for Tersa. Recently, he was part of the Investor Festival at the Expert Dojo and has had follow-ups with some of Los Angeles’ greatest investors. Tersa is the startup you want to have an eye for!


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