Date: January 18, 2023

Wefunder is one of the largest equity crowdfunding portals in the world, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of businesses across the United States. It has deal-flow connections at Y Combinator, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious startup accelerators, and dozens of other connections in the venture capital industry.

This means you can often invest in some of the top startups on the planet alongside the biggest names in startup investing and venture capital.

Going into 2023, a number of startups are making waves and raising millions of dollars from the crowd. Here are five of the top raises.

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Sensate is a wellness startup creating a “patented genius relaxation device” that targets the vagus nerve to help relieve stress. The company has raised over $2 million from everyday investors and also has substantial venturer capital backing. For example, notable angel investor Martin Tobias has said he swears by the product, and TenOneTen Ventures, Unlock Venture Partners and Expert Dojo have collectively invested hundreds of thousands of dollars.


RAD AI is a startup building the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) marketing platform designed to understand emotion. The company has raised over $2.4 million from everyday investors and is sitting at a $2.2 million revenue run rate, including 310% annual revenue growth.

RAD AI is a great startup if you want to capitalize on the growing trend of AI disruption in top industries. It has strong traction, including several billion-dollar companies as customers, and has attracted institutional investors like Expert Dojo and Fidelity Investments.


Fathom is an AI notetaker for Zoom calls. It can automatically transcribe and summarize Zoom calls.

Zoom invested in the popular invention, which is the No. 1 app on its Zoom app store. Other top venture capitalists and angel investors also invested in the company. Fathom also went through the Y Combinator accelerator in 2021, so this lands it among one some of the top startups in the country.


Oneleet is one of the latest additions to the Y Combinator family of startups, recently graduating from the YC Class of 2022. It is a CyberSecurity-as-a-Service startup already clearing $135,000 in revenue despite being relatively young.

As cybersecurity increasingly becomes part of everyday business, this could be as integral to business as hiring a law or accounting firm. Cybersecurity isn’t something most businesses can maintain in-house, and the number of people who provide this service is limited.