Elisa Bonandi, Founder of EB Tech

Fashion, design, and entrepreneurship have always been central passions for Elisa Bonandini, CEO and Founder of EB-HI Tech Fashion. Growing up in a family of architects and tailors, Elisa was surrounded by elaborate, authentic furniture and fabrics. “Everyday, I remember staying with my uncle in the furniture store-the best, most beautiful store. My aunts made fabrics, specializing in curtains, and I began sewing dresses for my dolls with them at age 7.” Staying true to her roots, Elisa studied architecture in school and took on projects designing the interior structure for homes nearby.

In addition to her extensive knowledge about clothing, fabric, and architectural design, Elisa was raised surrounded by the mountains of northern Italy, where temperatures can drop well below freezing. Throughout her life in Italy, she recognized a recurrence of seasonal affective disorder, when the cold and gloom harms mental health. Elisa launched EB-HI Tech Fashion in 2018 with smart products that combine fashion and technology to innovatively combat the effects of the bitter cold in a way that simultaneously empowers people and builds confidence in style.

EB-HI Tech Fashion has created a line of apparel crafted for versatile conditions. The products are made with high-quality, ecologically responsible material and come in versions tailored to specific needs. A thin version is designed with a wearable, light material that is resilient to rain and wind, perfect for boating. A thicker version is made to be durable in snow and extreme cold scenarios and remain fashionable, not like the Michelin man. EB-HI Tech Fashion also boasts an in-product heater layer that is externally controlled by an app on your phone. With this feature, you are able to adjust your level of heating to fit your personal needs.

The thick EB-HI Tech Fashion coats were given to the alpine training school of the Italian army to test, day and night, at 3000 meters up in the freezing mountains. The reports came back overwhelmingly positive, giving confidence to the reliability of the product. Market research shows that the market for heated apparel is increasing by 30%. EB Tech is excited to be at the forefront of the smart clothing movement and is actively looking for investors to bring their products to the American market. Find out more about EB-HI Tech Fashion at; https://www.ebhitech.com/en/