Expert Dojo Hosts Discussions About International Investors and Expansion for Startups 

Last Thursday on the 20th of June, investors from Brand Capital, The Times Group, and Expert Dojo met to discuss problems startups find internationally, as part of Expert Dojo’s International Accelerator program.

A notable point of the evening was that startups are increasingly finding difficulties in international expansion and integration. As markets are globalized, companies are having to adapt to new countries to stay competitive earlier than expected, which brings a whole new set of challenges. From setting up contacts, to producing culturally fluent products or advertisements in foreign markets, to even basic communication with ever present language barriers, startups will have their work cut out for them. These are all important discussions to startup development, and especially to Expert Dojo’s unique startup accelerator. 

There is some positive news for developing international business, however. An Expert Dojo representative said that “It was good to see there was such a level playing field for international investment”, referring to the fact that powerful investors seem to be equally willing to put their money into international and national businesses. This is good news for Expert Dojo’s International Accelerator, which will be selecting businesses from all over the world to participate in this three month intensive development and investment program, join Expert Dojo’s startup community, and have access to the Expert Dojo Fund.

All this occurred in one night at Expert Dojo, and more events will occur this coming week, including:

  1. Monday, June 24th, 6:30-8:30, VR, Drones and IoT
  2. Tuesday, June 25th, 1:30-4:30, Monthly Mastermind Meeting: Information session open only to our cohort.
  3. Thursday, June 27th, 6-10p, The Art of Tech