Bringing Stylish, Innovative Electric Vehicles

to the Modern Consumer


Ampere Motor, one of Expert Dojo’s favorite startup members! 

The Ampere vehicles are as stylish as they are affordable. The three-wheel roadster is just under $10,000, making the vehicle accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy. People love that our roadsters are classy, sleek, and fun to drive.



The founder, Tony Chan has been a car fanatic all his life. He started waxing his neighbors’ cars for pocket money when he was seven and repaired classic cars to pay for his tuition and expenses when he studied at UCLA. He then worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and built race cars on the side. Tony then left Microsoft to start his venture in product design and manufacturing; he successfully supplied various product lines to large national retailers such as Sears and Lowe’s.



Tony and his partners started the Ampere project more than four years ago to design and build green, affordable, and exciting vehicles for everyone to enjoy. Currently, Ampere is working with world-class designers and engineers from the same institutions from which the designers of Audi, Mercedes, and Ferrari designers come.

The body of the Ampere Roadster combines vintage race car elements as well as futuristic curves and lines. Even the Sharks on Shark Tank said it looked amazing and everyone who sees it will most likely want to get behind the wheel.



Now, you have the opportunity to invest in this vehicle! With your investment, Ampere can fulfill their current orders and begin the work of taking Ampere Motor to even grander heights. This is a first in the industry, and Ampere’s goal is to deliver up to 100,000 vehicles within the next four years.  Invest in Ampere Motor today at, and help them spark the next electric-vehicle revolution in the automotive industry.