Expert DOJO, the fastest growing startup accelerator in Southern California, announces the launch of its international accelerator program to invest in startups globally. They are launching their Global tour in Israel during BDO tech Week, to offer a unique acceleration opportunity. With the help of BDO and Pearl Cohen, the Expert DOJO team is scouting the world for the unicorns of tomorrow. 

This summer, Expert DOJO invites startups from around the world to apply for their 3-month, immersive accelerator program in Santa Monica, California. Companies chosen to take part in the program will receive $100K in investment. 
Starting in September 2019, 20 companies will arrive in Silicon Beach to begin the 12-week, international accelerator program. 
“The synergy between the deep tech product sandbox that is Israel and the dynamic LA startup scene has the potential to be massive. We are very excited about our work with Expert Dojo and BDO, partners that have shown themselves to be creative and sensitive to a multitude of cross-border considerations, on creating a technology bridge between the Silicon Wadi and Silicon Beach,” said Darie Ofek, partner and head of the firm’s Los Angeles office.

The program is separated into three distinct areas each day: lessons, collaboration, and execution. Each of the first 8 weeks is dedicated to different aspects of business development: branding, communication, marketing, foundation, influence, investment, community, and mindset. The last month of the program is focused solely on investor outreach throughout the United States. 
“When started operating directly between the two markets if Israel and America, we sought a strong collaboration that will enable a strong execution from the US side for all Israeli tech connections we maintain who wish to break through to the other side, at their early stage phase. The connection to Pearl Cohen and Expert DOJO is with a perfect synergy that piles up all advantages that each arm can bring. This collaboration, allows any startup to focus on what they do best and leave the side noises to his strong partners for the road,” said Tomer Nitzan, the Head of the US-Israel Desk who specializes in operations that, if not already, wishes to expend to the other market of where they’re originated from.

Additionally, founders will receive introductions to strategic partners and investors, design market fit, as well as perks from Expert DOJO’s partners. 
To aid in the search for the best companies in the world, Expert DOJO will be visiting Israel, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, India, and Europe in the coming months. 

About BDO: BDO is a global Firm with activity in over 150 countries providing Accounting, Tax and Consulting services. The firm operates in the fields of Technology and with the help of the US-Israel Desk of the firm, and the direct connection between the two offices between the US market and the Israeli one, we are able to support cross border operations with strong practices and high level of services.

About Pearl Cohen: Pearl Cohen is a full-service international law firm with offices in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and London, as well as numerous foreign desks. The firm specializes in the representation of technology-centered companies of all stages, universities and government agencies, and investors and funds.