Expert Dojo’s Q1 2020 Cohort!

We are so proud of the companies that we have invested in for our Quarter 1 2020 cohort.  A short description of each one is below.  We will keep you updated on investment opportunities and growth new.  Stay tuned….

Rad Intelligence is a new advertising technology channel that drives the discovery and distribution of digital content.  Brands invest 50B annually into blogs, videos and articles that never get seen.  Rad solves this problem for brands by putting their content in front of the perfect audience to drive website visits, sales & awareness. Check them out HERE   

Elefend fights scammers who target vulnerable populations such as older adults. Phone calls are known to be the primary channel where the ruthless perpetrators operate. Elefend’s solution monitors calls from strangers and provides real-time (in-call) detection and prevention of scam & identity theft (both from humans and robocalls), allowing  Americans to live their lives safely, without the fear of being scammed. Check them out HERE   

“Over $100 million is wasted every week with manual meeting processes. Agendas, meeting notes and follow-ups are all done manually with no automation. With Pulse 360, financial advisors can save $80 million a week and keep the compliance team happy to boot. Our initial target are the small fee-only financial advisor practices that are CFP®certificants. “Check them out HERE.  

Over 50% of dogs suffer in silence due to joint discomfort! Happy Again Pet is delivering a scientific collagen based solution to prolong your best friends life and turn back the time to happiness. Happy Again launched as our first product with brand partner Cesar Millan to fight first signs of joint issues. We are the new age of Pet Wellness.  Check them out HERE    

Supply Chains for the 6 billion and growing consumers in Emerging Markets are broken and unsustainable.  LiberT fixes these supply chains by using data science insights to increase sales, get the right goods to the right place at the right time, and speed up payments to suppliers and merchants through lower cost financing.  Our unique combination of AI products for billion dollar supply chains will generate half a percent or more ot topline revenue from leading multi-national brands and local retailers. “Check them out HERE  

Sensate taps directly into the primal stress response by toning the vagus nerve, which relaxes you in real time and increases your long-term stress resilience. Using a groundbreaking hardware device, audible content and an integrated app, the immersive resonance sessions help relax, improve health and increase wellbeing. Check them out HERE

Munily is redefining how people live in LatinAmerica’s residential communities. With its central communication platform Munily connects the resident with administration, security access control, and neighbors. In Munily we thrive on having a more secure and connected Latin America one community at a time! Check them out HERE  

Glammly is a beauty app that gives users 20% off treatments at their favorite salons.  This is the talk of Santa Monica.  Why would anyone ever pay full price again for any beauty or health treatment,  Check them out HERE   

Qurate empowers online retailers to remain relevant with their customers through shoppable recipes and cooking videos. As a white label service, we proactively serve curated recipes and cooking videos to consumers during their online shopping journey. We help grocers grow average order value while instilling the confidence to cook in their customers.  Check them out HERE