Expert DOJO’s Perks

As a member of Expert DOJO, you have the privilege to access hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of perks designed to help your startup grow. Our partners include Brex, Hubspot, Amazon, Early Growth, Google and so much more.

Most Popular Perks



Get waived card fees for life and $100 cash back

Brex is the first corporate credit card for startups that underwrites your business based on the business bank account, not your founder's personal credit. Our cards have no founder liability, a best in class rewards program, 10-20x higher spending limits than traditional cards, and built-in expense management software.


Enjoy startup-friendly pricing up to 90% off

All at startup-friendly pricing up to 90% off. Startups using the HubSpot Growth Platform acquire and retain more customers with HubSpot’s software, educational resources, and robust integrations.

Stan Burns Insurance

Each startup receives a free HR platform

Each startup receives a free, full-service HR platform, ThinkHR. Employee Handbook Builder, Toll-Free HR advice, $150 per month value

Early Growth

20% off regular pricing on Accountant services

Expert Dojo Portfolio Discount Our consulting services are billed out on an hourly basis. Our Senior Accountants rate is $115 per hour, Controllers $155 per hour and CFOs $275 per hour. We would like to offer Expert Dojo's companies the following discounted rates: Senior Accountant $100, Controller $135 and CFO $250. Tax services start at $2,500 for first year federal and state tax returns and then increase as the company grows and becomes more complex. We would like to offer Expert Dojo's companies a discount of $500 per return. 409A valuation services start at $4,000 for seed-stage companies and then increase as the company grows and becomes more complex.


$10,000 dollars worth of credits

$10K in credits good for 2 years, 1 year of AWS Business support (up to $1.5K) and 80 credits for self-paced labs


Waived fees on the next $70,000 in Stripe processing

* Waived fees on the next $70,000 in Stripe processing (some restrictions apply) * 50% off Stripe Atlas incorporation ($250 rather than $500) * Custom processing rates for existing Stripe users processing at least $100k/mo for two months * Enhanced customer service

SM Innovations

Get a Free Chat Bot

SM Innovations fulfills the increasing need companies have to build sophisticated, robust mobile apps. As a full-service software consulting firm, we bring ideas from conception to completion. Our key to success is based in our engineering and design teams, fielding some of the most talented young developers and creative staff in the world, with experience and degrees from top technology and management consultant firms. Every project we undertake is staffed by a dedicated, vertically integrated team that is specialized to meet the unique demands of each endeavor. Ultimately, we are driven by the philosophy that strong mobile technology changes lives in meaningful ways, and it is our goal that each one of our projects advances this cause. We are dedicated to constantly pushing our clients agendas and their success forward, always questioning the limits of what an app can achieve.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud for Startups Program includes $3K in credits

Google Cloud for Startups Program includes $3K in credits


Get a free 409a valuation worth $2,000

Offer: Start using Mercury and get a free 409a valuation worth $2,000. Contact: Website:

Get Rocket Ai

Free 30min consulting call & $5,000 off your firm's first placement with us

1. Free 30min consulting call with any of your companies who want to speak to us for advice 2. $5,000 off your firm's first placement with us

Praxis Technology Escrow

Free consultation & a two-year 25% discount

PRAXIS Technology Escrow, the innovation leader in source code escrow services, announces an alliance with Expert DOJO, the global ecosystem for startups, to help member companies win more enterprise clients, secure critical investments and protect the member company’s intellectual property. A technology escrow agreement provides the beneficiary (typically an end user, OEM partner or investor) with conditional access to proprietary intellectual property in certain situations (i.e. extended downtime, bankruptcy & etc.) “A technology escrow agreement can often be the catalyst that an enterprise company or venture capital firm needs to rationalize taking a risk on cutting edge technologies” said Chris Smith, Founder & CEO of PRAXIS Technology Escrow. Source code escrow agreements have been part of many business critical software licenses for decades and in recent years source code escrow agreements and services have been reinvented to provide valuable solutions for SaaS applications. Near real time source code replication, automated data storage and even capture of critical “know how” have rapidly become the norm in SaaS escrow agreements. The Expert DOJO startups that are offering business critical software and / or SaaS applications are likely to encounter software escrow requirements as they grow. This alliance provides Expert DOJO member companies with a complimentary consultation as well as a significant, two-year, 25% discount off on-boarding. PRAXIS is now available via the Expert DOJO perk program. “We are thrilled to be participating in this program and adding value to this amazing startup community. We look forward to onboarding our first Expert DOJO companies and watching them win big!” Added Chris Smith. Expert DOJO companies can access our ‘perk” via the Expert DOJO perk program. About PRAXIS Technology Escrow, LLC PRAXIS is the innovation leader in the technology escrow industry. We have leveraged more than 25 years of industry experience to reinvent the technology escrow industry to provide valuable solutions for the way people use computing power today. Learn more at: (800) 213 9802 ​Rhonda Gibb Director of Business Development t: +1 (678) 383-0776 (1002) m: +1 (949) 294-6525 e:


1 hour free consultation on marketing services

Website: Contact: 1. One year 25% discount 2. Free 30-minute consultation with a Techstars mentor 3. Free one-hour consultation on media, messaging, positioning and investor relations


A free 30min consultation + 10% discount on services Contact:

Area of Expertise

Free Brand Therapy Session

Free Brand Therapy Session with handpicked experts. Contact:

First Republic

Waived bank fees for 2 years + free 409A valuation

Waived bank fees for 2 years. FRB Innovator’s Toolkit access – includes a free 409A valuation and more. Contact: Website:

The Lab

1000dollars off on Pitch Deck Creation

1000dollars off on Pitch Deck Creation Contact:


90% off the first year

Securely share your documents with real-time control and insights—no matter where you're working. Website: Contact:


10% Off on all services

We hire and train remote sales development reps to book qualified sales meetings for your sales team. Website: Contact:


15% off on all services

Weglot allows you to make your website multilingual in minutes and to manage all your translations effortlessly. Website: Contact:


10% rate provided of your 1st invoice factored

We purchase your outstanding invoices, paying you in as little as two days. Basically, we provide non dilutive growth capital to help grow your business on your terms. Website: Contact:

Hell's Creative

20% Discount on Marketing

20% discount on both: 1. Digital advertising agency's monthly retainer 2. Marketing bootcamp Website: Contact:

Aspire 360

1 Month Free Membership

1 Month of Free Membership in the Aspire360 Community. Website: Contact:


$1500 Waived Founder Education

($1500 Waived - Historical Review/System Setup/Founder Education) + 20% off first 3 months of services. Website: Contact:

Verte Consulting

Free Consultation & 25% off on Accounting Services

Your personal outsourced CFO. Website: Contact:


10% off on Promotional Products

Use the promocode: "expertdojo10" for 10% off on your orders. Website: Contact:


A Free Marketing Consultation

Kapowza is happy to offer startups of Expert Dojo a free marketing consultation, virtually we'll have a conversation as to what problem your company is trying to solve, what it's done to date marketing wise, and other elements to consider in the future. On top of that, all member companies of Expert Dojo qualify for a discounted hourly rate of $125/hr for all in-house creative services Kapowza offers. Website: Contact:

Preferred Return

20% Discount on Valuation Services

Send an email to and enter the subject line with: "[Your Company Name] - Expert DOJO Referral", and you will be provided with a 20% discount. Website: Contact:


6 months free translation management platform

Free Enterprise level subscription access until 1st of June 2021. Startups need to go to Lokalise's webchat and write in the support chat that they are coming from Dojo and the support team will enable the perk. Contact: Website:


2 years for free (value of $1,200)

Offer: 2 years for free for 10 users. A total value of: $1,200. To redeem the offer: Email and mention 'ExpertDOJO_Perk' in the subject line. Website:


6 months free CRM system

Six months of access to Zendesk Support Suite and Sales CRM (Sell, Reach, Support, Guide, Talk, Chat and messaging), Zendesk Explore and Zendesk Sunshine at no cost* Online office hour sessions with our startups customer success team Access to our Startups Community including events, content and resources Startups can apply here: Contact:


20% Off on equity management

20% OFF for the first year of Shoobx Subscription Fees. Website: Contact:


3 months free Payroll Platform

3 months off. Sign up via the following landing page in order to get the three months free: Contact:

Yay Images

50% off on Stock Photos

Go to and get 50% off on any plan with the promo code:DOJO50 Contact:


30% off on Pitch Deck Design

30% off on the Starter plan for the first year. Coupon available here Website: Contact:

Gallium Ventures

10% off on PR services

10% off on PR & branding services. Website: Contact:


100$ credits & free Lead generation evaluation

100 credits plus free evaluation/advice. Contact: Website:


40% Off on Fundraising software

Special Perk: Get a 30% discount off any Monthly Subscription for 4 months, or 40% off any Annual Subscription. This includes access to the entire platform, and includes multiple users at no extra charge. To redeem, sign up at select Gold or Silver, and Monthly or Annual and enter “ExpertDojoMonthly” (for the monthly) or “ExpertDojoAnnual” in the Promo Code field. Website: Contact:


1 year Free subscription Security Software

Website: Contact: One year free subscription. Expert Dojo companies will be pre-vetted. Please contact to access this perk and say that you are coming from Expert Dojo.


Special 90 day extended trial UI Software

Website: A special 90-day extended trial with Promo Code


Free Plan for Early Stage Companies

Website: Contact: Free Plan for Early Stage Companies with 25 or fewer stakeholders and up to $1M raised to maintain an accurate cap table that updates with every transaction. To redeem this offer, Expert DOJO companies can reach out directly to


25% OFF lifetime on large plan

Website: 25% LIFETIME discount on our large ($99/m) plan. (It worth$297 per year) link to get the perk


90% off HR Software for the first year

Website: Contact: 90% off on HR Software in the first year (50% in the second, and 25% in the third) through this link:


15% off the fee Company Structure

Website: Contact: 15% off the fee, EXPERTDOJO15 (case sensitive).

Heaven Hoster

3 months free Web Hosting

Website: Contact: 3 months of free hosting using the code “DOJO3M”


$2000 Airtable credit Database Solution

Website: Contact: $2000 Airtable credit and access to Airtable for Startups Sign up for a free account using your company email, then fill out this form (using the same email address):


VIP account for life Marketing talents

Website: Contact: VIP account for Expert Dojo startups Companies put "Expert Dojo" as the referrer when filling out a form on the website.


1 year free software use license

Website: Contact: 1 year free software use license Download Power-user from this link Run the .exe setup and follow the installation steps Restart PowerPoint, Excel or Word and provide your license activation key: 5ED824EA-09E5-2731-B730-B8CDB7A921B1


10% OFF Business Printing/Design

Website: Contact: 10% discount after sign up and all the benefits with a Business Boost account. Business level pricing (15% lifetime discount on all standard products) One editable template and access to full pdf uploading Access to offline catalogue of premium products including Custom Notebooks, Envelopes, Presentation Folders, Brochures and more!


1 hour free startup strategy evaluation

Website: Contact: 1 hour free startup strategy evaluation


$50,000 in credits for 1 year Software Data

Website: Contact: $50,000 in Segment credits for one year + an additional year of credits if Startups under 2yrs old and Less than 5M total funding. then 50% off any business tier plan for a year, followed by a 25% discount for a year.


Free Assessment & 15% off 1st-Year R&D Tax

Website: Contact: Free Assessment & 15% off 1st-Year R&D Tax Credits program.


Free software use for 1 Year Software Management

Website: Contact: Free software use for 1 Year license for no cost