When we started our first business we had a good concept but were two degrees away from a killer start up.  It took us 3 years to find the right path and it was all from a casual conversation with a mentor.  I have bitter sweet memories of that moment because, although it saved my business at the time, I wished I had sought out this advice 3 years earlier.

As entrepreneurs we are on a journey and we believe that this journey has to be a solo path to find our own enlightenment and success.  Anything less than success is failure and what should be a beautiful time in our lives, becomes a ritual trial by fire.  That trial by fire is fueled by our own egos and arrogance and us men suffer from this much more than our female counterparts.

At Expert DOJO I believed that our mission was to provide a marketplace for all business to help each other grow until my good friend and mentor Alex Capecelatro sat down with me and explained that what the world really needs is a great mentor and tool site to help make entrepreneurs stronger.  The difference between this conversation and my first business conversation is timing.  Alex put me on the right track in my second month and I will always be grateful for the great advice he gave me and the time he saved me.

At expert DOJO we provide experts and mentors who will help you get on the right path for no cost because they want to pay it forward to you.  Seek out your Alex – http://expertdojo.com/members/  and put your ego aside to really listen to all the beautiful journeys out there.  Enjoy the ride.