“THC is a wonderful stepping stone for people to get off of opioids”

Creates terpene oil infused weed to help make it work better in the body

  • We are legal in every state, we can ship to all 50 states, we can brand everywhere before weed becomes legal
  • It can be integrated into other products or be with their own
  • Out of IdeaLab
  • Became a single Dad before he had the idea for the company. 

This week on the Art of Startup War, Brian MacMahon interviews Bradley Petersen of Terpene Enhanced. His company aims to disrupt the cannabis market with their herbal product that enhances the effects of THC and CBD, and they have been placed into the Venture Accelerator at Expert DOJO. 

Petersen’s journey starts with him working in the entertainment business as a single dad. Unable to keep up with his job and his child, he leaves, takes his severance check, and begins looking for what to do next. This brings him to contemplate a conversation he had with his friend a few years before about how hot the developing cannabis market is. Petersen now had an idea, and began to do his research.

He got a job working at a dispensary and researched online for trends in the cannabis market. This brought him to the discovery of terpene, an oil in plants that had been shown anecdotally to enhance the effects of cannabis. He began building his business selling this product.

The team at Terpene Enhanced is phenomenal. They are well educated and perfect for their jobs. One even used to work at IdeaLab, a well known accelerator from the LA area. Their product is proven effective, popular, and is legal in all 50 states. Their company has a great brand already. So what’s next for this startup already off to a great start?

Funding is the answer. Obviously they must continue developing their business, but are still figuring out how to go about doing so. Stay tuned for updates on this amazing startup.

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