Stefano Amoroso is a brilliant engineer who has created a company that will improve renewable energy. He speaks with Brian MacMahon of Expert DOJO about his new company and his journey to bring his company to America and to the world stage.

Amoroso’s company is called NIDES, and is a useful tool for wind and solar farms across the globe. His product is an algorithm that is able to sift through thousands of data points instantly to decipher which ones require the immediate attention of the energy farm operators, saving many hours, time, and money.

While Stefano Amoroso and his company are from Italy, they are visiting Expert DOJO as part of its Italian Accelerator, which creates a startup community of Italian companies hoping to enter American markets and find investment. They were sent in a program sponsored by the Italian government, and selected from thousands of applicants to be sent around the world, including to Expert DOJO.

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