• Maurizio of Sharknet
  • Has experience in the field, has made underwater navigation devices before
  • An italian company

Innovation all the way from Italy! This week, Brian welcomes to the fridge Maurizio of Sharknet.

In episode #113 of The Art of Startup War, Brian MacMahon interviews Maurizio of Sharknet about his company and how he is building his business using startup programs from across the globe.

Maurizio is an engineer who uses his expertise to create products that are improving the world for divers. His background in using his technical skills to innovate the market place one product at a time makes him perfect for the job at his new company.

Sharknet sells a product that solves many problems in diving. It is a small, affordable tracking device to be worn on one’s body as they dive. It measures depth, speed, and location too! In cases of emergency, Sharknet can be activated to contact the nearest authorities and is a potentially life saving device. Divers can also share their dive data on social media to make their experience even better. Diving schools can also use the device to help students learn, and ensure that they are not creating a habit of rising to the surface too fast or too slow.

Brian also praises Sharknet for being a part of a larger send out of startups from Italy to accelerators across the world. Banfi’s company was selected out of thousands of applicants to be sent here, while his government also sent startups to accelerators in South Korea, Japan, and even Slovakia. The Italian startup community is growing, and its government was able to help these new companies find investment in places like Santa Monica, where startup dreams are made.

Listen to the full podcast below, or wherever you get your podcasts.