G3Therapeutics is on the Front Line to Find a Cure for the Coronavirus! Make sure to Listen to this Super Important Podcast Episode!

Here is a Breakdown of the Highlights:

0:58 – G3Therapeutics maps the DNA to develop lifesaving therapies.

2:39  – Dr. Voros explains how G3Therapeutics is using genomics and biotechnology to stop the pandemic.

5:12 How the Princess Diamond Cruise Ship serves as a case study in understanding people’s susceptibility to the coronavirus.

9:18 – DNA-based Susceptibility Test: G3Therapeutics will be able to detect who is susceptible to the coronavirus within 8-12 weeks.

10:53– What are the detrimental drawbacks of finding and deploying a vaccine on a global scale in a short time.

13:15 – How G3Therapeutics innovative approach solves the long and costly drug development and testing process.

17:07 – Dr. Voros talks about the communal efforts of the science and biotechnology communities that would lead to significant breakthroughs within the next few weeks.

18:14 – G3Therapeutics are joining efforts with doctors, labs and testing centers in collecting the DNA of coronavirus patients to develop genetic tests.

19:37 – After a decade-long research, G3Therapeutics has the innovative biotechnology that is able to map the DNA and determine humans susceptibility to the coronavirus.

22:10 – Dr. Voros explains how we all can help G3Therapeutics accelerate its efforts to find a cure to this pandemic!

23:23 – How G3Therapeutics innovative biotechnology can save humanity from all future illnesses and viruses.

29:40 –Dr. Voros discloses that in order to defeat the coronavirus quickly, G3Therapeutics is in need of more funding opportunities and collaborations with coronavirus lab centers.

G3Therapeutics Website: https://www.g3therapeutics.com/

Dr. Voros Email Address:szilard.voros@globalgenomicsgroup.com