NVISNx  is The Best Decision for Your Business!

Listen to NVISNx Podcast Episode on – The Art of Startup War – @Expert DOJO YouTube channel.

Breakdown of Favorite Moments:

0:45 – Meet NVISNx: The Best Technology in Cyber Security.   

2:57 – Glen Explains the Problem of Data Protection and Microsoft’s Problem.

5:41 – Glen’s Decades-Long Experience in Cyber Security Program Assessments Helped Him Develop His Unique Approach that Solved Microsoft’s Problem.

6:42 – Glen Explains How Important it is to Salvage the Critical Data from all the Accumulated Junk.

8:42 – Glen Exposes the Illusion that Data Enterprise Storage is Cheap.

9:21 – Glen Asserts that 50-80% of Data is Absolutely Junk that Impairs a Company’s Path to Success.

10:20 – Hoarding Became an Acceptable Business Practice: Companies Spend 10 Million Dollars of Junk Data.  

12:30 – The Right to Be Forgotten: Glen Describes How Privacy Regulations Fine Gets as High as 4% of a Company’s Annual Gross Revenue.

13:24 – NVISNx Effectively Scans the Enterprise Continuously and Sorts Out Critical Data and Junk Data.

13:57 – With People Working from Home During the Coronavirus, Unsecured Corporate Assets are at a High Risk.

14:32 – Budget Cuts: Data Storage Solution Should Not Be Incorporated in Times of Crisis, But Should Be Part of Normal Business Practice!

15:21 – NVISNx is The CyberSecurity Solution of the Century!

17:06 – Glen Unveils What Critical Data Really Looks Like Outside of Regulations Borders!

20:02 – Glen’s Solution of the Era and Its Execution!

22:06 –The Uniqueness of NVISNx: Pulls Out Useful Data that Answers Persisting Business Questions.

23:26 – NVISNx’s Recipe for Success: Glen’s Long Experience as a Successful Consultant and Advisor to some of the Biggest Companies in the World Coupled with Smart and Innovative Developers Doing all The Necessary Tech Trials to Achieve the Desired UX.  

25:02 – NVISNx’s Key Differentiator: The Business Owns the Data not the IT.

25:20 – NVISNx Creates More Value for Businesses: It Does Not Just Provide Businesses with Fundamental Capabilities to Look at Their Data, But Also Finds Critical Assets They Did Not Know About.

26:27 – Glen Describes How AI and ML Analyze Business Rules, Policy Standards and Key Workflows of Who needs to Look at The Data Before It Needs to Be Defensively Deleted.

27:59 – Glen Talks about the Future of NVISNx: Building Value for Customers and Becoming a Multi-Billion Dollar Company.

30:36 – Glen Reveals How Much Money He is Raising for Seed and A rounds to Build a Global Company That’s Already in High Demand and Shares His Contact Info. 

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