Jurny is not just reshaping the future of travel, but also that of entrepreneurship!

Listen to Jurny’s Podcast Episode on – The Art of Startup War – @Expert DOJO   YouTube channel.

Here is a Breakdown to Jurny’s Podcast Episode’s Favorite Moments:  
0:50 – David and Luca’s fortunate encounter and how their lucky stars connected them with an investor at one of Expert DOJO’s Investors Festivals.

1:30 – Luca and David’s rapid success and how Jurny started.

4:00  – Going Venture-Backed: David explains how tricky it is to pitch to investors a business that has million-dollars in revenue.

7:54 – How a non-Venture-Backed business like Jurny is created and becomes a HUGE success!

11:30 – Why Jurny is such a big breakthrough in the Travel scene!

13:30 – Figuring out the science behind Jurny!

15:18 – After two years of successful operations, the founders decided it was time to find investors!

17:18 – Tripling your business: The importance of having the right investors in order to scale up your technology, model and pitch deck.

21:18 – Jurny’s Next Ambitious Goal: Be the Premium Hotel Brand in the World!

22:12 – Make your business model a Service model: Building profitable businesses with home owners around the world.

24:12 – Jurny is changing the state of entrepreneurship in America!

26:42 – Next investment venture: raising $20 million to gain Real Market Dominance and offer Debt Peace to let home owners partake in the travel industry.

30:36 – Message to Investors: Jurny is truly disrupting the travel space and David and Luca’s contact information!

For more Information about this awesome company, check out jurny’s Website