For us, investing in Qurate is a no-brainer!

There is no doubt in our mind that this company is on the fastest route to become a billion-dollar international success. And during the coronavirus pandemic it is a Real life-saver! Folks from all over the US can shop delicious and nutritious online recipes and have All the ingredients delivered to their door.

Say goodbye to groceries list, ingredients search, supermarket lines and Hello to more Quality Time with your loved ones!

Favorite Moments:

02:10 – How Qurate is facilitating our shopping and cooking experience during covid-19 and forever!

09:12 – How Qurate was born: Jason describes retailers and CPG brands’ problem to predict ROI on recipes they spend HUGE amounts of money to create!

12:00 – Jason shares Qurate’s exciting technological solution that also personalizes recipes according to consumers’ preferences!

16:31 – Jason reveals the decision that Almost ruined Qurate’s guaranteed path to success and how Brian’s advice helped turning things around for the better!

30:22 – The Inevitable snowball effect: Jason lays out the Ambitious milestones Qurate will achieve in the future.

For more information about Quarte visit:

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