In the words of the great Tom Petty…..

“I”ll stand my ground and I won’t back down”

These are some of the epic companies from the Expert DOJO accelerator who are focusing only on powering forward in this time of crisis.  We raise a glass to all these companies.  You are all powerful beasts of startup culture and will never back down.

802 Secure is a company ready for Series A.  This cyber security wireless protection company is already the darling of casinos and government alike,  With a revenue of 2 million ARR and money in the bank they were well positioned to help home workers protect themselves from all cyber threats. SHOWCASE HERE

StarNews Mobile continues its rapid growth and has now surpassed the three million user mark. The innovative platform has been able to triple its user base in only a year and is now available with 5 operators across Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Congo.
This accomplishment is being touted by industry experts as a substantial predictor of the potential of StarNews Mobile as THE social media video solution to watch as it rolls out into South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, DRC and Senegal this year. SHOWCASE HERE

Our portfolio company axle ai, whose software makes high-res video searchable and remotely accessible via browsers, just announced a $22k order from the Social Security administration, as well as a major success story at American Public Television. Axle is rolling out new versions of its flagship products this month, and partnering on a joint announcement with a major cloud storage vendor in May.  They’re also halfway to the first $25k of their equity crowdfunding raise on Republic. SUPPORT HERE 

Congrats to Expert DOJO Accelerator member, V1 who got a big shout out in Techcrunch.  Jeremy is accepting folks into his App accelerator.  Let’s raise a glass to founder, Jeremy, who is the poster child for beast culture.   Keep fighting the great fight.

For those of you looking to add storytelling to your company then you are in luck.  DOJO favorite, Mad Fresh Creative are one of the top experiential storytellers on the planet.  They are here for the startup community and can help you build a unique brand in this unique time. REVIEW HERE  

We are proud of all our companies and will continue to bring you stories of resilience that reinforce why the only thing better than an entrepreneur is a DOJO entrepreneur.

Keep fighting.

Brian and the DOJO team