Garry Drummond and his company, 802 Secure, was incubated and seeded through Expert DOJO partners.  We believed in the company long before profit making, scaling startups with strong customer focused, product fit became popular.   In this time of fast wireless networks and the need for cyber protection, they are now the darling of Silicon Valley.  They have enterprise customers, government contracts, company contracts, reseller contracts, a revenue well into the millions and money in the bank.  This is the Camel company that everyone wants to be in this post Softbank era..

The expansion of the OT (Operational Technology) framework with IT systems is opening new vulnerabilities and dangers that are pushing security boundaries to new levels. The massive adoption of IP enabled devices (i.e. IP sensors) in CPS and the increasing use of wireless has blurred the boundary between CPS and the Internet-of-Things.   This challenge is what propelled 802 into the limelight.  They have the only solution that really protects homes and businesses from wireless cyber threats.

Investors, you can contact their founder but they are in no rush to raise.

Company owners, you should all buy their wireless protection hardware.

To get into the mind of the owner you can hear our podcast interview

To learn more about cyber security threats you can join their upcoming webinar on Tuesday morning at 10am.

Camels are the new and improved Unicorns.

Let’s keep supporting great companies.

The DOJO team!