This week Brain speaks with the founding team of Obscure Games! This team has lived and breathed games since birth and continues to play and love games to this day. It’s amazing when a business is built out of passion but still has what it takes to build an empire! Obscure games will take the world by storm by implementing expertise in the following:

GAME DEVELOPMENT: With over 10 years of game development experience shared by the core team. We offer full game or co-development services to help you realize your vision.

GAME PROTOTYPING: Game development is all about iteration and rapid prototyping. Let us help you build innovative game concepts and prototypes without investing valuable R&D resources.

QA & PLAYTESTING: It’s no secret, bugs reduce retention. With vast experience in UX testing. Optimization testing. Functional testing (and more). We can help you ship a polished game and keep players engaged.

LOCALIZATION: People are different. We offer localisation and culturalization services to better help you connect with your non-English speaking players, and build tailor made games for your target audiences.

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Favorite Moments:

1:34 – Obscure Games’ team reveals how the entrepreneurial mind works and how a startup idea is born!

6:17 – Ayman tells Brian that by focusing on monetization, improving their skills and enhancing UX, Obscure Games became a profitable business from the start!

18:18 – Brian and Ayman discuss the 3 most important components for attracting investors: greed, FOMO and timing.

24:54 – Obscure Games’ teams share their secret recipe any entrepreneur should use to build a successful startup!

28:49 – Ayman talks about Obscure Games’ next funding round and exciting future gaming goals!