This week Brian speaks with Alex Melehy of Woodpecker!

Law firms have a combined annual revenue of about $302B in the US. Although some gargantuan firms may constitute a significant portion of that number, there’s about 450,000 registered practices that exist. The nature of the business limits the opportunity for tech expansion, but the market is certainly receptive to process streamlining that can expedite tedious labor.

Alex Melehy is a product and engineering specialist who has developed a simple tool to decrease document prep time and increase law firm efficiency. It’s a complementary solution, but the simplicity is a great fit for a traditionally hesitant market.

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Favorite moments:

1:48 – Alex explains how Woodpecker is democratizing legal services!

6:46 – Coronavirus Silver Lining: Alex unveils how Woodpecker is gaining more traction in the Coronavirus era!

11:58 – Brian and Alex discuss why Woodpecker is on the right path to reaching exponential global success!

19:02 – Alex describes how Woodpecker’s SaaS platform is different than other legal platforms and how it evolves based on optimizing UX.

20:31 – Alex reveals how Woodpecker is beating the competition and what are its next funding plans!