This week Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Soumya Mahapatra, CEO & Founder of Essenvia!

Essenvia’s mission is to reduce the cost and time to bring medical devices to market. They are a team of healthcare industry veterans, technology enthusiasts, data scientists and medical device regulatory experts.

The Problem—

High Error Rates in regulatory submissions increase the cost and time to market for medical devices.

Manual Processes. Regulatory teams spend hours managing highly manual yet mandatory administrative processes.

Disconnected Teams. Generic tools leave cross-functional teams disconnected and prone to errors.

The Essenvia Solution—

-Eliminate errors in regulatory submissions

-Reduce rework and accelerate time to market for medical devices

-Automated Processes: Automate administrative processes with integrated regulatory requirements within your workflow

-Integrated Ecosystem: Sharing and collaboration across cross-functional teams, systems improve efficiency and quality

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Favorite moments:

1:15 – Soumya and Brian discuss the major challenges the medical device industry is facing today.

9:23 – Soumya presents Essenvia’s Solution: streamlining the process of bringing medical devices to the global market.

14:17 – Soumya tells Brian about Essenvia’s ambitious future goals: facilitating all regulatory processes and creating valuable connections within the medical device industry.

22:53 – Brian and Soumya explain how Covid-19 proves Essenvia’s success and huge necessity within the medical industry!

25:18 – Soumya reveals the obstacles as well as the achievements he accomplished in his entrepreneurial journey and the importance of always believing in Essenvia’s solution!