This week Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Jules Hilliard, CEO of Secure Block Tech!

Jules is an entrepreneurial and Tech Savvy Executive with over 20 years of business experience successfully working with both private and publicly traded companies. Beginning the process of building the bridge between Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology in 2016, and founding Secure Block Technologies in 2018, Jules leads the company as CEO, driving forward a vision to leverage Blockchain’s inherent operational benefits, as well as security capabilities to augment increasingly ineffective systems.

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Favorite moments:

03:06 – Jules tells Brian why Blockchain Technology is the new name in the tech game and also the difference between cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

07:58 – Jules recalls the moment he interacted with blockchain technology and when he realized that this is what he wanted to pursue as a business.

13:03 – Jules explains more about Overwatch, Super Nodes and also dives a bit more to what Secure Block Tech is.

18:36 – Jules and Brian talk about the value of block chain technology.

23:05 – Jules talks about Secure Block Tech’s goal and vision, and why people should be interested in block chain technology.