This week Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Florence Furaha, Founder and CEO of Meetcaregivers!

Meetcaregivers is building the world’s largest marketplace for senior care. They provide access to services, products, and tools for seniors to age in place. In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, they have changed their business model to adapt to the needs of seniors during this time. Since they cannot go out and buy food for themselves, Meetcaregivers has thought of adding grocery and meal deliveries on the list of their services. Anything from caregivers at home, meals delivery, cane, wheelchairs, coordination tools and others etc. This has led their company to double their revenues while others are struggling to keep their businesses afloat.

Florence has over 10 years experience in elder care, working as a Care Manager and as a caregiver before starting Meetcaregivers. Now, Meetcaregivers is a proud winner of Entrepreneurship for All startup accelerator in Lowell and was finalist in MassChallenge Boston.

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Favorite moments:

02:06 – Florence recalls the what inspired her to start Meetcaregivers

05:07 – Florence explains how she got the right funding to get her business going

09:40 – Florence and the team spent a year without salary – how did they survive?

11:51 – Florence shares what they did to adapt their business to the pandemic

14:56 – Florence gives us a glimpse on what’s next for Meetcaregivers