This week, host Brian MacMahon speaks with Carter Russ, Founder & CEO at Champions Round, Inc.!

Champions Round is a mobile game company that revolutionizes the fan experience for esports and traditional sports. We’re the only fantasy Esports platform that synchronizes with major tournaments, where users answer live questions, earn points, learn the game, and win cash. Our Micro Fantasy Sports gameplay keeps users engaged year-round by rewarding users through interactive gameplay and providing the best odds to win money.

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Favorite moments:

04:45 – Champions Round started when they saw the frustrations in esports, traditional sports gaming, and most prominently, fantasy sports.

13:04 – Carter talks about how the system of Champions Round works; how you can make more money just by playing the game!

20:25 – Champions Round will soon be launching on Android to be able to offer the app on every smartphone owner globally.

23:27 – Champions Round grew substantially over the time of COVID because of the massive sports appetite of the people; and with Champions Round, people can create and play fantasy sports with their friends or with other people!

30:57 – Champions Round is building the first esports game modes to make it fun for esports viewers as they watch the live-streams.

Show notes/links: – Official Website – Carter Russ’ E-mail Address… – Link to download the app