This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Christine Yi of Potli! Learn about what Potli is doing to help cleanse the world of overly processed unhealthy ingredients with a twist of CBD and THC infusion options!

Potli’s philosophy:

Potli strives to bring top-quality, delicious, and easy to integrate cannabis edibles products to your kitchen to help you embrace plant-based wellness and self-care every single day. Our clients are adventurous but laid back, ambitious but balanced, self-aware but curious, firm in their core values but open-minded. We want to empower them to experience and enjoy life their way, all while positively impacting the perceptions and dialogues around cannabis.

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Favorite Moments:

04:10 Potli makes a wide range of products that either have cannabis or hemp extract, or both. Christine and Brian discuss more about the health benefits of CBD and THC.

17:38 Christine sees Potli growing to both CBD and THC channels wherein they will grow exponentially because they have the finest standard operating procedures in the industry!

24:39 Potli’s goal is to be known as a functional wellness food brand.

33:31 Christine and Felicity took time to do research about honey and cannabis which eventually became their first product when they started Potli.

40:00 Christine talks about her experience as a female entrepreneur and the roadblocks she and her partner have.

Show notes/links: – THC-free products – Cannabis-based products – Christine Yi’s email address