Startups use equity crowdfunding when they want to raise investment using the broader community as a better alternative to venture capital funding. Normally this is a slow and difficult journey which is built over time.

Rad Intelligence has turned this slow growth equity crowdfunding model on its head and they have not even officially launched yet. After only sending out a private pre-launch link they have already had more than $150,000 committed in the first 48 hours. They expect to raise $500,000 by the end of their first week and achieve the maximum million dollar raise within a short period thereafter.

At Expert DOJO we invested in RAD early because we knew the team and product were extraordinary. Obviously the crowd agreed. Here are some RAD nuggets so you know what we know….

– They grew 400% from Q1 to Q2, and another 400% growth from Q2 to Q3.

– They are on pace to grow at least another 400%+ Q3 of 2020.

– MRR is on pace to be $150K+ by the end of 2020.

– Lots of small, medium and large advertisers.

– Their team is full of folks who have done this before.

Their clients include Nikola Motors, Caesars, Raging Bull, National CineMedia, Sensate, Texas Tourism, Scottsdale Tourism, Las Vegas Tourism, American Lung Association, PrepDeck and Delfina and soooooooo many more. In short they are kicking ass……

The offering is structured for early bird investors to get a 20% discount from the listed valuation.

You can invest here:

Hear our podcast with Jeremy Barnett about how he grew RAD by 1000% in only 6 months: