This week host Brian MacMahon speaks with Jeff Jones, Founder & CEO of Mavens list!

Mavens List App Launches and Revolutionizes the Influencer Marketing Industry! Available in the Apple App Store and Android market, Mavens List ushers in a new pillar of connectivity for direct social booking. The platform curates a seamless conversation between global brands and businesses among the influential and highly celebrated. In response to the flux of the digital business pivot; campaigns for such platforms have also risen. Founder & CEO Jeff Jones, along with co-founder Nick Gangi, and Business Partners Lee Caplin of Penske Media Corporation and Kelly Dooley of BodyRock Sport, found the perfect balance of business-to-brand convenience with fine-tuned social algorithms and highly decorated talent. All found in one place, brands see the finish line in the wake of their launch.

Hear how this company is paving the way in this new and rapidly growing industry!

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Podcast episode favorite moments:

02:42 – Amidst the pandemic, Mavens List was able to raise $1.1M!

05:50 – Getting investment for Mavens List was not an easy task! CEO, Jeff Jones, worked hard to build strong relationships with investors and Hollywood influencers.

07:42 – What does Mavens List do to help brands and influencers? The Maven List app connects influencers and brands and ensures both parties abide by the terms agreed.

27:07 – Why was Mavens List created? As a marketing expert with experience working for big names like Ryan Seacrest and Michael Bay, Jeff identified the need for an Influencers’ booking service.

34:57 – Team is an important part of a startup’s success! Jeff talks about his wonderful team that helped build the Mavens List Empire from the very start.

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