This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Ahmed Elawady of BokDoc. Learn about what BokDoc is doing to improve the healthcare system all over the world!

Their digital platform allows users to book their appointments with doctors and registered healthcare providers. Other than healthcare appointments, Bokdoc also provides online video consultations that save time and effort for patients and doctors, booking surgeries and medical tourism for international patients.

BokDoc’s vision is to improve the healthcare industry, their platforms give the users the most simple and smoothest experience that patients need and deserve either via BokDoc mobile app or website. Tune in and hear how Bokdoc will help patients to have the best healthcare services that they deserve!

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Favorite moments:

01:57 – BokDoc enables users to search for the best doctor or hospital for a specific surgery or medical care.

11:27 – Ahmed Elawady talks about the challenges they faced upon starting BokDoc and also how his wonderful team of doctors solved this problem.

16:00 – BokDoc has more than 1,500 doctors and surgeons (and not to mention the famous ones) registered in their platform plus they proudly have VISA and MasterCard integration for ANYONE using either a credit or debit card.

17:53 – Ahmed recalls his decision to become a medical practitioner, then a businessman and eventually how he managed to do both.

25:27 – BokDoc’s healthcare platform provides healthcare solutions in Egypt, and is also ready to expand in Turkey, Europe, and in many other places by next year!

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