Tune into this week’s episode to hear Brian speak with Lieza Danan of Liveritas Biosciences!

-A few quick words from LiVeritas:

LiVeritas Biosciences unleashes the power of Mass Spectrometry with industry intelligence to advance high-quality drug candidates for our partners to deliver the most optimal clinical outcome for patients.

Other mass spectrometry-based startups are grounded in academic theory and academia-developed processes.

At LiVeritas Biosciences, we leverage over 70 years of combined biopharma industry-developed processes, biotech startup lean execution-focused mindset, and clinical diagnostics experience codified into our analytical testing and our SaaS offerings to ensure production of streamlined, high-quality results directly impacting the lives of patients in the clinic.

We are grounded in industry standards as it represents reality. Our collective work improved and saved the real lives of patients in the clinic.

Hear about why this company is breaking barriers and the real story behind it all!

For more info, please visit https://liveritas.bio/

Favorite Moments:

03:35 – Lieza always knew she wanted to become a doctor ever since she was a kid. She started working with the only mass spectrometer in the Philippines when she was 18! Since then she started building analytical laboratories utilizing the mass spectrometer

14:32 – Lieza’s eureka moment on starting LiVeritas Biosciences came from her distinct extensive training and mentorship under another unicorn startup.

17:57 – At one point, Lieza felt anxious about her own accomplishments – hear how she kept pushing forward and won! 34:21 – LiVeritas is the next big unicorn because of their analytical testing and profitability!

38:18 – Lieza talks about LiVeritas long term goals and big vision that should inspire every entrepreneur who is committed for the long journey!

Show notes/links:

https://liveritas.bio – Liveritas Website

lieza@liveritas.bio – Lieza Danan Email Address