This week host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Simeon Ononobi of ThankUCash!

ThankUCash is a reward-based platform that works both offline and online. The scheme rewards customers with credits that they can use with merchant partners. ThankUCash’s mission is to have a platform that will help merchants to acquire, retain, and reward customers.

ThankUCash is poised to utilize data for business growth, reward customers for shopping, create credit for customers and engage customers by providing the best products at the most affordable prices.

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Podcast Favorite Moments:

01:34 – ThankUCash was created as a way to help businesses get to know their customers and have them come back to them.

14:16 – Simeon talks about how ThankUCash first started and how he and his co-founders realized this business is the best way to scale up quickly!

16:37 – to up their game, ThankUCash created something called “cashier code” as a way of giving incentives to employees and also boosting sales.

34:18 – Simeon talks about ThankUCash’s audacious goals that will also incorporate creating communities within businesses and customers as the company grows.

Additional Info:

415-866-5746 – Simeon Ononobi Contact Number – Simeon Ononobi

Email Address – ThankUCash website