Expert DOJO cohort alumni, StarNews, celebrates unstoppable success in competitive Africa with 1.8 million USD closed of a 2 million dollar round and on target for 50 million subscribers within 3 years.  

Fundraising: StarNews has successfully raised $1.8M fundraising from a stellar consortium of international early stage international investors Including the most prestigious pan-African VC. The funds will be used to support content development, product development and expansion in new markets. This round will enable StarNews to further capitalize on its position as a leading social media player in the global mobile video space and will further cement our unique ability to monetizes content from celebrities’ and brands’ in Africa, the world’s fastest growing mobile market. 

User growth: with almost 4 million subscribers as of June 2020, StarNews continues its rapid growth in Africa in the midst of the pandemic, growing at a rate of 23% per quarter!! We have been able to reach this major milestone only two years after the launch of our services. Revenues are also growing at a 10% monthly rate.  This accomplishment is being touted by industry experts and the media as a substantial predictor of the potential of StarNews as THE social media video solution to watch. Based on the current trajectory, the company is set to reach 10M by end of 2021 and 50M in the next 3 years in Africa alone, making StarNews the media platform with the largest African mobile audience.

Personalities: In addition, StarNews has partnered with Africa’s hottest stars in music, comedy, fashion and sport to deliver the freshest video content daily. We have signed strategic partnership contracts with Universal Music and Sony, this gives us access to the best talent on the continent. Celebrities on StarNews not only include the most popular artists like Fally Ipupa of Congo (5M followers on Social Media), Singuila (2.7M followers on Social Network), Serge Beynaud of CIV (4M followers on Social Media), or Numerica but also a variety of social influencers like Linda Mtoba (1M followers on Social Media), Dr Winnie Mashaba (1M followers on Social Media), and Lady Ponce (1.3M followers on Social Media).

Bonus: how It works:StarNews customers can access exclusive video-on-demand short-form content from their favourite celebrities and brands by subscribing to StarNews platforms.  The content includes behind the scenes videos, Interviews, personal moments as well as the opportunity to win concert tickets or meet and greet fans.

There is only 200k USD left in the current roundContact us if you want to invest in this awesome company and close out their round.

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