“Five years ago I was in Thailand and, walking through the streets of Phi Phi Island, I was struck by a way of making ice cream I had never seen before: they poured a liquid preparation on a flat chilled plate, then a thin sheet formed which was rolled up with a spatula. A spark starts at Giacomo Bizzarri, 32 years old.  Back in Italy, he tries, takes part in the ‘Innovative Startup’ call for tenders in the Marche Region and wins it.  This allows him to work on the prototypes of a new machine. “Together with a refrigeration technician from Senigallia, I developed a prototype with the ‘direct cold expansion’ technology, which allows the plate to be cooled in just 3 minutes. This technology, which is now protected by a ‘utility model’ patent, has allowed us to start mass production of the refrigeration unit, which today we license to other shops in food service market and street food activities. In 2018 Giacomo opened the first Gelati Bizzarri concept store in Senigallia.  But that is not all. He is one of the winning startups of the Global Startup Program, the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development and ICE which allowed him to be hosted for three months in the Expert Dojo accelerator in Santa Monica, California (USA).  INFO: https://mashcream.it