Episode #111

  • Jeremy Redmen,  V/One, Alex Kissin, Brian MacMahon
  • We are gonna reverse engineer this podcast
  • There is a down though, he is insufferable when he’s right – Brian about Alex
  • Alex, why do you like      V/One so much?
    • Genuine love for what he is doing (about Jeremy)
    • “So much money it’s not even funny”
  • It is a user friendly app builder that is cheap
  • This accelerator gave me so much freedom to say what I wanna say and do what I want
  • “I’m in the room with two podcasters and I’m terrified”
  • “I’m so pumped to be in this accelerator”
  • We want to bring reality back into entrepreneurship
  • You close 80%?
  • Investors hear so much bullshit
  • Authenticity works really well with investors.

This week on the Art of Startup War, Brian MacMahon and Alex Kissin of Expert DOJO interview Jeremey Redmen of the startup  V/One. Here is a quick summary of the podcast.

 V/One is essentially a version of SquareSpace for apps. It allows app designers to create their phone application for a significantly lower cost than is offered by any other source to date, has a wide range of services that help businesses get onto Apple and Android app stores, and transfer their designs and data to the mobile format. This business comes at a time where such a model is well sought after in the digital market, and this is shown through the progress of  V/One.

Redmen’s company is already a success, and well on its way to being a billion dollar company. From his impressive contracts with Johnson & Johnson and an elusive movie theater company, you can tell that his idea is both well timed and entering the market easily as consumers appreciate the efficiency and cost effectiveness of  V/One. As Brian explains, though “investors hear so much bullsh*t,” Redmen is able to stand out with his impressive numbers and no bullsh*t attitude. The V/One CEO is not looking for a heavy vetting process with an investor who wants to take a large amount of equity, he is just trying to figure out how to best lead his massively growing business forward and is not sure if he wants to find investment and give up any more equity. Yet getting a new investor for  V/One will not be hard. Most of the time, investors are just shocked and have to ask him “you close 80%?” to be sure he was telling the truth. He was. 

Expert DOJO itself was also heavily discussed in this podcast. Redmen even said “I’m so pumped to be in this accelerator” because the DOJO “gave me so much freedom to say what I wanna say and do what I want.” Kissin and MacMahon agreed. They discussed how important the startup community was at the DOJO, and how the startups there can learn from each other and grow. They see each others’ mistakes and this makes them stronger. All this is done out of a startup accelerator’s office in Santa Monica. 

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