There are times when having a business idea becomes a big problem. If you can’t get it out of your head and you’re convinced that it has great market potential, it’s probably something worth considering. Yes, that’s correct. The biggest businesses had to start somewhere, and it often wasn’t a big opening of a swanky shop with extra large ribbons cut by a celebrity. The real businesses started small and required the vision, sweat, and hard work of a man or a woman who believed in a startup idea.

The good news is that the modern times are kind to startups. There are now idea incubators who give young adults with business ideas space to work on their projects and give them pieces of advice on how to take it to the next level. Remember that the search engine giant, Google, had lowly beginnings at a garage before it became the multi-billion company it is today.

When planning a startup business, several steps must be undertaken to make sure that the money that you, or your investors, put up will not go down the drain. Too often, what seemed like a good idea eventually fizzles out because the market was not tested, or there was just too much competition to even make a dent.

All of these can be avoided by validating your startup ideas. You can do market studies, take a close look at the competition, or several other steps that will really give you a feel of how your business will be received by the market.

Our infographic details 9 efficient ways to validate startup ideas. Each step is crucial and can spell the difference between success and failure. Make the smart move and plan your business carefully!

9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas (SBO)