This is an actual letter from a Doctor to his colleagues about the massive value Healora added to his patient and friend.

I recently received a concerning email from a friend of mine whose daughter was undergoing a GI workup for some digestive issues that sound like IBS. His family is in self-insured pool with deductible so the price does matter. My concern is not about the diagnosis or workup but the cost of such when the physician is no longer in position to determine the price. (ie employed by large entity);

“Doctors have recommended that my daughter get an upper and lower scope to see what is causing her eating/digestion problems. Nothing has tested positive yet. So the cost estimate for the hospital et. al. is $12,000 -cash price at a 35% discount, and another $4,000 for the Dr.  for a 1 hour procedure, two biopsies. $16,000.”

2 days later;

“Have you made any progress on finding an option here locally?”

The father than contacted a new LA startup and received the following quote for a total cost of $2,684;

 “Esophagoscopy EGD AND Colonoscopy, with biopsies (up to 3 biopsies for the EGD and 2 biopsies for the Colonoscopy)

– MAC anesthesia

– Physician fee

  -Pre-procedure 30 minute in person Office Visit to complete a physical exam and go over any questions

  -Post-procedure 15 minute office visit or phone call to discuss procedure pathology results and next steps

So for my SERMO friends – Who is gauging this self-paying patient and who is getting multimillion bonuses at the end of the year?


The father and daughter are flying to LA for couple days to get this done by doctors rather than institutions.

Round trip flight is $179  from Denver-LA

Expert DOJO comment – Game, set and match to Healora.  It feels so great when we bring a product to market which makes such a massive difference in an industry.