Have you ever wondered what it would take to grow your pre-launch email list into thousands of subscribers? Maybe even hundreds of thousands?


Have you ever thought about using a contest or giveaway to incentivize your existing base of customers and subscribers to help you spread the word? After all, the most successful crowdfunding campaigns are the ones that bring the biggest crowd to the game….Right?


Think about it this way….


The owner of your local minor league baseball team comes onto afternoon sports radio and says, “The first ten thousand fans at the stadium get 2 free beers and a free hot dog”. Do you think people would show up? I bet they would. Not only that, they would come flocking with ALL of their friends!


Most major league teams (like my Rockies!), do this kind of promotion in one way or another. The only difference is that it’s usually a t-shirt….or maybe a bobblehead…. Not beer of course.


Now, how can this be applied directly to your crowdfunding campaign?


Well, when you reward your existing customers and email subscribers with some sort of “referral bonus”, they will actively generate more audience members FOR YOU! Everyone knows that the best customers are the ones the have been referred to you. Not to mention that by increasing your incentives, your loyal minions will be that much more excited to share your contest page, get others to join your email list and help your campaign go viral.


Sounds like a pretty simple concept right? The answer to that question is yes…..but, ONLY if you have the right tools!


Helping you create the best Viral Contests & Giveaways, Krowdster is the first DIY crowdfund marketing & PR solution, and software as a service. Designed to promote rewards, as well as equity crowdfunding campaigns, Krowdster is quickly becoming the most trusted source for agencies such as Indiegogo themselves!


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