Between March and September of this year, LEAD has donated more than 10,000 free licenses to companies of all sizes such as MoneyHub, Zwift, PURE Insurance, The BBC, Hootsuite, and Lifery. Given the high demand and continuous challenges most US companies are currently facing, LEAD has decided to add 10,000 more licenses to companies in need.  

Loneliness has life-threatening consequences as harmful as smoking, obesity, or inactivity to the extreme that researchers nowadays refer to it as an epidemicThe most effective way to battle loneliness and its detrimental consequences is by connecting people with each other. 

As a company that builds smart matching tools to allow employees to communicate with each other, LEAD enables HR to recognize the implications of isolation and loneliness as well as regularly check in with your people, not only about their productivity but also to see how they are doing. 

If your company wants to improve productivity with happier and more connected employees, then LEAD is offering software licenses at no cost to you. LEAD will also provide common social program practice advice to help you manage the initiative in a meaningful way.  Every company wants employees who are connected and learn from each other every day, so they can build the most brilliant and supportive teams possible. 

Here is an example of how LEAD’s software is used to connect employees with similar interests to form stronger and more supportive teams.

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If your company does not use Slack or Microsoft Teams, LEAD can also connect people via email. Feel free to drop a line at

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