This week host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Anthony Ortiz the Founder & CEO of Fitly, the creators of SmartPlate.

SmartPlate is the ONLY nutrition telemedicine platform that combines elegant hardware with Artificial Intelligence in order to help consumers and patients track their food intake accurately. For practitioners, this is the “Holy Grail” that lets them know when/if a patient is following their dietary recommendations.

SmartPlate is the recipient of many features and awards such as Shark Tank, Forbes, NBC, GMA, Times of London, Startup World Cup, and many others.

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Top 5 Favorite Moments:

7:49   Anthony Ortiz decided to get into the health space with SmartPlate after his father’s triple bypass surgery.

11:36 Anthony Ortiz used his logistics background in his new business, Fitly – a meal delivery service.

17:21 Anthony Ortiz thought hard about what his next step is going to be, he took a break until he came up with Smartplate.

24:27 Anthony Ortiz explains the benefits of Smartplate and why everybody needs it in their homes.

40:02 Brian Mac Mahon sees Smartplate not as a device but as a must-have tool that helps people lead better and healthier lives.

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