This week host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Yumi Kimura.

LEAD builds the communication loop around employees, helping them to start cross-team communication.

LEAD generates data through this communication loop, taps that into the existing employee collaboration network, to suggest actions for HR, and prevents turnover caused by relationships and lack of career growth opportunities. In this way, LEAD helps companies retain and improve their best possible team.

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Episode’s Favorite moments:

2:24 – The power of communication: How Yumi kept 100% employee retention by connecting employees with each other.

7:19 –Yumi talks about the importance of having a wonderful team for her startup’s success.

12:14 – Yumi shares how she scaled a small business in Japan and how her massive success attracted her angel investors.

19:00 – Caring about customer experience: How Yumi built a product that generates happy paying customers.

22:03 – There are no secrets: the key to success is always learning new things and thriving to become better.

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