Tune into this week’s episode to hear Brian speak with Afonso Infante of Suavei!

– A few quick words from Suavei:

With the number of attached network devices exploding, and each one of them having the potential to undermine even the most rigorous network security practices, most enterprises have no visibility into a significant number of the devices attached to their networks, and over half do not know when they have a costly breach. Suavei brings a patent-pending, seamless solution to market to enable organizations to manage such device vulnerabilities. The rapid growth of internet-connected wireless devices (i.e. IoT devices) is leading to increased exposure of corporate networks to cyber-attack through device vulnerabilities.

Many new IoT devices attached to networks lack security capabilities. In addition, scanning IoT devices for threats is very manual, costly and complex with incumbent options. As a result, nearly half of businesses are unaware of what devices are connected to their networks or when they suffer costly breaches.

For more info, please visit https://www.suavei.com/

Podcast Favorite Moments:

01:41 – Afonso has been in cybersecurity for 20yrs and is experienced in a large enterprise.

04:41 – Afonso knew from the start that there is a market for Suavei, that people need cybersecurity.

10:58 – Most people doubted Afonso and his business, but he knew in his gut that trying to solve AI security problems is the right thing to do.

18:18 – Who knew that data – private or secured – is being stolen from users all the time? 

30:05 – Since 5G connectivity is slowly being used by many IoT devices, it will eventually also increase the threat to user data. This is where we need cybersecurity the most!

Additional Information:

afonso@suavei.com – Afonso Infante email address

www.suavei.com – Website