Tune into this week’s episode as Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Cannon Cyber’s founder and CEO, Venkat Thussimi

A few words from Cannon Cyber:

Cannon Cyber integrates into an organization’s existing security tools, infrastructure, workflow and processes to bring outcomes that provide continuous security compliance. Leverage Cannon Cyber’s products to identify compliance incidents, prioritize with facts, orchestrate faster, respond to incidents and threats effectively and efficiently.

For more info, please visit www.cannoncyber.com

Favorite Moments:

00:51 – What is Cannon Cyber?

03:28 – In this age and time where the internet is a necessity, cybersecurity is also a necessity.

08:36 – Venkat has been in the IT industry and specialising in cloud security for more than 2 decades.

14:41 – The need for continuous security compliance is what urged Venkat to start Cannon Cyber

22:21 – Cannon Cyber has a small team of experts in cybersecurity that has worked for large companies like Microsoft

Additional information:

www.cannoncyber.com – Cannon Cyber Website

rthummisi@cannoncyber.com – Venkat Thumissi Email Address