This week host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Amit Paz of Artishok.

Artishok is a solution for managing hybrid workforces and workspaces – Eliminating over 50% of offices costs while improving employee experience by 15% percent.

Artishok manages all physical and virtual needs for a supported work environment, providing a large & highly-accessible toolset for employers and employees alike. This further supports the transition to a flexible work environment. It includes an autonomous working environment, monitoring productivity metrics, flexible on-boarding, facility management, real-time positioning, a smart ticketing system and more.

Artishok can also integrate with almost all platforms such as Salesforce, ZenDesk, etc., all while protecting your data and privacy.

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

1:03 How did Artishok start?

8:01 How does Artishok helps employers and employees with their product?

16:47 Artishok’s solutions reduces companies’ costs and increases productivity

19:48 What initiated Amit Paz to venture into the real estate and IoT industry

27:23 Artishok’s future plans and call to investors

Additional Information – Artishok website – Amit Paz email

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